rock1 W2S2 [rɔk US ra:k] n
3 (as) solid/steady as a rock
4 be on the rocks
5 scotch/vodka etc on the rocks
6¦(sweet food)¦
8 be (stuck) between a rock and a hard place
9 get your rocks off
[Sense: 1, 3-10; Date: 1300-1400; : Old North French; Origin: roque, from Vulgar Latin rocca]
[Sense: 2; Date: 1900-2000; Origin: ROCK2]
1.) ¦(STONE)¦
a) [U]
the hard substance that forms the main surface of the Earth
To build the tunnel, they had to cut through 500 feet of solid rock .
Most of the country is desert and bare rock .
massive rock formations (=shapes made naturally from rock)
ancient dark volcanic rock
a piece of rock, especially a large one that sticks up from the ground
Jack stood on a rock for a better view.
During the storm a ship had been driven onto the rocks (=a line of rocks under or next to the sea) .
2.) ¦(MUSIC)¦[U]
also rock music
a type of popular modern music with a strong loud beat, played using ↑guitars and drums
rock band/group
Komuro formed a rock band with some friends while in college.
the late rock star, Freddie Mercury
The stadium has hosted numerous rock concerts .
→↑hard rock,punk rock atpunk
3.) (as) solid/steady as a rock
a) very strongly built or well supported and not likely to break or fall
a large sofa, solid as a rock
b) someone who is as solid or steady as a rock is very strong and calm in difficult situations and you can depend on them
4.) be on the rocks informal
a relationship or business that is on the rocks is having a lot of problems and is likely to fail soon
= ↑in trouble
I'm afraid Tim's marriage is on the rocks.
5.) scotch/vodka etc on the rocks informal
an alcoholic drink that is served with ice but no water
6.) ¦(SWEET FOOD)¦[U]
BrE a hard sweet made in long round pieces
a stick of rock
7.) ¦(DRUG)¦
a) [U]
a very pure form of the illegal drug ↑cocaine that some people use for pleasure
a small amount of this drug
8.) be (stuck) between a rock and a hard place
to have a choice between two things, both of which are unpleasant or dangerous
9.) get your rocks off
informal not polite if a man gets his rocks off, he has sex
10.)¦(JEWEL)¦ [C usually plural]
old-fashioned informal a ↑diamond or other jewel
rock 2
rock2 v
[: Old English; Origin: roccian]
1.) [I and T]
to move gently backwards and forwards or from side to side, or to make something do this
She covered her face, rocking to and fro in her grief.
The waves rocked the boat from side to side .
Paul sat gently rocking the child in his arms.
Jim rocked with laughter when he heard what had happened.
2.) [T]
a) to make the people in a place or organization feel very shocked - used in news reports
= ↑shake
The scandal rocked the nation.
b) to make the future of something seem less certain or steady than it was before, especially because of problems or changes
= ↑shake
Another financial blow has rocked the industry.
The theory rocked the foundations of social and moral life.
3.) rock the boat informal
to cause problems for other members of a group by criticizing something or trying to change the way something is done
He kept his feelings to himself, not wanting to rock the boat.
4.) [T]
if an explosion or ↑earthquake rocks an area, it makes it shake
Residents had only a few minutes to escape before the blast rocked their houses.
5.) sb/sth rocks
spoken informal said to show that you strongly approve of someone or something
6.) rock sb's world informal
to cause someone to think about something or someone in a completely new way

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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